How To Convert A Kindle Book To Pdf Using Free Tools

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Over the years, this function has become more robust, and Windows 10 has a whopping eight ways to screenshot. Because they each have slightly different functions, including snapping only your active window or the area you highlight. If you are a PC gamer, you’ll love the Game DVR feature for sharing your most awesome gaming […]

Windows 11 Is Coming This Year

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It can be really annoying to watch a video on the web where someone uploaded it with the wrong orientation and the entire video is rotated by 90 degrees. Or worse, they kept rotating the camera while shooting, so the video keeps shifting between right-side up and sideways. And for graphic design, there may be […]

How To Install Google Chrome On Windows 11

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Use the arrow keys to select UEFI/BIOS boot mode under the tab of “Boot” and then change Legacy to UEFI. In terms of what Microsoft has said earlier, Windows 11 only supports booting in UEFI boot mode. In this case, if you want to run a PC on Windows 11, the system disk is supposed […]

How To Take Full Screenshots Of Video In Windows 10

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In case you were not aware, Windows 10 computer has a dedicated App that allows you to create, edit and annotate screenshots. If this sounds interesting, let us go ahead and take a look at How to Take Screenshots Using Snipping Tool in Windows 10. To take a screenshot of a specific section or window, […]

How To Install Windows 11 With Z390 Aorus Master Motherboard

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Well, the good news is that installing Windows 11 still is possible without needing TPM 2.0 module using Hyper-V. Here is how you can set up a virtual machine on Hyper-V and install Windows 11 even if your computer lacks TPM 2.0. After a heavy buzz of rounded-corners design and android apps support following its […]

Fix Error in wsclient dll in Windows 10

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Sometimes zero-days get independently discovered by multiple groups, sometimes someone sells the same vulnerability/exploit to multiple groups, etc. But we have no indication that there is another group exploiting this same zero-day. As soon as Warzone is fixed for you, we can also provide you with the best Warzone loadouts and tier lists. If everything […]

How to Zip and Unzip Files in Windows 11?

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Acoustica also includes support for external plugins in VST, VST3, and AU format. Each of these can be chained together, saved, and deployed with a click across multiple sessions and files. Build your effects in the Processing Chain box on the main interface by clicking the + button to add equalizers, limiters, plugins, and more. […]

4 Easy Methods Of How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 10

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If the search box is disabled, when the Search pane can be opened by pressing the Win + S shortcut keys. Open it and click on the “New” button to choose your screenshot window. After that d3dx9-39_dll, you can save it as a file, highlight and annotate it or simply send the screenshot through email. […]