Sober Living vs Halfway House: What’s the Difference?

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Content When it comes to recovery for drug addiction and alcoholism What Are Sober Living Homes? About Our Transitional Living Program Support for Me and My Family begin your journey to recovery Second, individuals self selected themselves into the houses and a priori characteristics of these individuals may have at least in part accounted for […]

4 Ways to Deal with Insomnia During Withdrawal

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Content Create a Dark, Cool, and Comfortable Bedroom Tips For Dealing With Insomnia During Detox Treating Co-Occurring Insomnia and Alcohol Addiction Alcohol & Sleep: Dependent on Alcohol to Sleep How Long Does Insomnia Last After Quitting Drinking? How to Deal with Insomnia After Quitting Alcohol A high percentage of subjects diagnosed with alcohol use disorder […]

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System? Blood & Urine

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Content This Is How Long Alcohol Really Stays In Your System Saliva Testing How Long Does It Take To Process Alcohol? Factors Affecting How Long Alcohol Stays In Your System Take Control Of Your Life About The Author: New Choices Treatment Center How Alcohol Is Metabolized By Body Blood Alcohol Concentration Bac However, most people […]